Illustrator Leon
Illustrator Leon

Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website! Art brings people together, creativity opens hearts. So take a look at my work and see what moves and interests you.

I hope that you'll take the opportunity to view my page, if anything interest you, please contact me via email from 9am-7pm,  thankyou.

About me

My name is Leon Bartholomew, my fields are Concept/digital/3D/illustrative.

I have been drawing over twenty years now and to this very day I have kept it up.

I am into gaming, genres such as RPG, fighting, sports, action/adventure, shooting are few of my favourites.

I currently use Sculptris to make 3D characters, I use photoshop and a Wacom 24HD tablet for my works, I use different grades of pencil to draw characters, tattoo designs, designs, and cartoons, I also draw portraits.

I'd like to possibly work with various companies if given the opportunity and gain experience along the line.

Voice acting is another thing i would be keen on doing and would like to do a few samples if anyone is looking for work in that field.

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